Is it accepted to pay with cards (Visa - Master Card - ...)?

Answer: Yes / we accept payment by credit cards (Card, Master Card ....)

Is there a commission on the purchase?

Answer: There is no commission on the purchase.

Is my data safe and confidential?

Answer: Yes, Dealcom guarantees to all its customers and subscribers the confidentiality of their information.

How can I pay?

Answer: Dealcom offers you multiple payment options, where you can pay using cash payment, or using automated payment cards through central banks. As for merchants, you can use bank transfers and others.

Can I request custom edits to my information?

Answer: Yes, Dealcom E-Commerce allows you to amend your information at any time.

I need more help and have other questions, what should I do?

Answer: You can contact us at any time. DealCom provides services to all its subscribers and customers around the clock, seven days a week. We receive your inquiries and suggestions and we respond to them as soon as possible.

How long will it take to receive the product?

Answer:  It takes to receive the product according to what has been agreed upon between the authorized sellers and customers.

Is DealCom platform free?

Answer:  Yes, the DealCom trading platform is free for all subscribers and individuals from all over the world.

When was the company established?

Answer: DealCom e-commerce company was established at the end of 2019.

Where is the company headquarters?

Answer: Istanbul / Turkey.

What distinguishes the company from the market?

Answer: DealCom platform is characterized by the possibility of conducting an online auction, the possibility of shopping from all over the world, allowing you to deal and communicate with the best approved sellers in Turkey.

What are the platform policies?

Answer:  You can review the following link to the DealCom platform to learn more about it.

Where do the goods come from?

Answer: All the available goods and the goods that you want to provide on the platform are Turkish goods available in different quality and prices.

What are the customer service numbers?

Answer: Customer service is available on 00905448288822.

In the absence of the thing I want from the platform. Can you order and provide it?

Answer: Yes, you can submit the application you want, and the platform will seek to provide it to you according to your options provided and available.

I have a complaint, is there someone responsible to contact him?

Answer: Customer service is available on 00905448288822.

Can I use my own computer and download the application to it, or only the mobile?

Answer: Dealcom electronic applications are available and available to all its users using various electronic devices (computer, mobile ..).

If I like something from the platform, do I have to pay something when placing the order with you?

Answer: Confirmation of the request and the payment mechanism is in accordance with what has been agreed upon between customers and merchants.

I forgot the password ?

Answer: In the event that you forgot your password, the customer can retrieve the password by clicking on “Forgot my password” and re-setting a new password. In the event of any malfunction, you can contact us at any time to help you solve the technical problem.