About Us

What is DEALCOM?

An international wholesale e-commerce platform, helping Turkish producers increase sales and market share to grow by reaching potential customers outside Turkey.


The Importance of DEALCOM

DEALCOM creates a bridge between Turkish manufacturers and foreign business partners who want to trade

DEALCOM offers a solution which is an interactive digital product platform for foreign producers to access products in Turkey

DEALCOM provides trust-based communication for both parties as well as business partnership by bringing buyers and sellers together.


DEALCOM Platform Features

DEAL COM gets wholesale sales only from company to company through a platform

Money transfers and trusted products

Payments and transfers for products are handled securely by third party companies

Offer the option to sell on public auction assets

Only approved Turkish sellers are allowed to sell through the platform

With a wide range of clients, we help you move your business to the global market


E- Commerce after COVID-19

The concept of e-commerce that has existed since the first day of the entry of the Internet into our lives, aims to reach a larger audience day by day, especially e-commerce, which is an indispensable part today, especially with the spread of platforms that protect communication between buyers and sellers with increased security measures,

Turkey is also witnessing a noticeable increase every year. This situation is expected to increase without losing its acceleration in the coming years.

The restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 process have shown the face of new technologies needed in international trade Import and export companies need a platform that enables them to perform their jobs safely and easily around the world.

As DEALCOM, we provide the secure platform required in light of all this data and we associate it with sellers and buyers.


About Target Markets

Dealcom offers Turkish manufacturers an opportunity to meet buyers for the most export areas mostly in Europe and the Middle East.

The Middle East, the market with the highest increase in exports of $1.9 billion in 2019, promises a future for Turkish companies with its continuous upward trend in recent years. So much so that with Turkish sellers exporting to Middle Eastern countries in 27 different sectors, a total of $26.1 billion in exports was generated in many sectors in 2019. The increase in export rates occurring in different sectors and increasing every year reveals the business potential in the region. Dealcom offers Turkish manufacturers the opportunity to access this potential more easily.


Business Map for DEALCOM

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